Special Duckling & Gosling Assor


Special Duckling & Gosling Assortments

(Please note that this page needs updating to reflect changes made in 2015.)


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Please Note:  On hatch days, after orders for specific breeds are filled, the assortments are put together in the sequence listed below.  The specific varieties included in these assortments are OUR CHOICE--no exceptions.


Bantam Duckling Assortment
     A lively and colorful assortment of these easily tamed, miniature ducklings.  Will include (our choice) as many of the following as are available any given week:  Greenhead, Bluehead & Silverhead Australian Spotted, Miniature Silver & Chestnut Appleyard, Miniature Overberg and Miniature Golden Cascade. (We do not ship East Indie, Call & Silkie ducklings.)

Exhibition Runner Assortment
     Includes only American Poultry Association recognized Runner color varieties from our Top Show Quality matings.  We will include as many varieties as are available that week:  White, Fawn & White, and Penciled Runners.

Exhibition Duckling Assortment
     An outstanding selection of ducklings out of our Top Show Quality matings.  Will include only breeds and varieties recognized by the American Poultry Association.  May include any of the following:  Cayuga, Runners (in the above list), Saxony, Silver Appleyard and Welsh Harlequin.

Deluxe Runner Assortment
     We send as many different colors as possible.  May include both APA recognized varieties as well as any of the extremely rare non-standard varieties we raise, such as Trout, Blue Trout, Saxony, Dusky, Blue Dusky, Khaki, Cinnamon, Golden, Aleutian, Blue Aleutian, Blue Fawn Penciled and Emery Penciled.

Rare Duckling Assortment
     A fascinating assortment of ducklings selected from our many rare breeds.  May include any of the following:  Miniature Appleyard, Australian Spotted, Dutch Hook Bill, Golden Cascade, Saxony, Silver Appleyard, Welsh Harlequin, and rare colors of Runners.

Fancy Duckling Assortment
     A beautiful collection in a wide array of colors, sizes and shapes. May include any breed we raise.

Bargain Duckling Assortment
     Includes any grade A ducklings remaining after all other assortment orders have been filled.



Exhibition Gosling Assortment
     This is the first gosling assortment made up on hatch day after orders for specific breeds have been filled.  May include any APA recognized breed from our Top Show Quality matings:  Brown African, Embden and Gray Toulouse.

Fancy Gosling Assortment
     A fascinating collection that may include any of the breeds we raise--including some of the extremely rare ones.

Bargain Gosling Assortment
Includes any grade A goslings remaining after all other assortment orders have been filled.


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