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Tufted Roman

(Please Note:  We have discontinued breeding Tufted Roman)


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A Yearling Tufted Roman

This gander has the rosy-pink bill and legs desired in this breed. (Keep in mind that the Tufted Roman and the Plain Headed Romans are probably two distinct breeds despite the similarity of their names.)



10-Week-Old Tufted Roman Female

 Juvenile Tufted Roman females often have a significant amount of gray color in their plumage, as illustrated here.  Most of them will be pure white by the time they are 16 months old.  This young female also has an orange bill and orange feet.  While orange extremities are less desirable than pink in this breed, we keep a few in order to maintain  greater genetic diversity.



Day-old Tufted Romans Females

This photo shows some of the variations in the down color of female White Tufted Roman goslings. (The goslings on the right is pictured above at 10 weeks of age.)



Freshly Hatched White Tufted Roman Pair (the slightly darker female is on the left, male on right)


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