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Assorted 14-week-old Geese,
American Lavender Ice (foreground)
and American Blue (right)



A Family Of Our Mini Geese


One Of Our Show Quality Three-Year-Old White Runner Drakes


A Pair Of Our Show Quality 2009 Gray Calls


A Pair of Our Spotted Calls




Fall 2017/Winter 2018 Adult Sale Season


July 2018--Our adult bird availability listing will not be compiled until the young birds are mature enough for grading and Dave has selected the birds that are for sale. The listing below is a sampling from Fall 2017/Winter 2018.

THE FOLLOWING FINE QUALITY MATURE BIRDS will be available soon for shipping or pick-up at the farm.  Some of the varieties offered here are extremely rare.   Those varieties followed by an asterisk* are sold only as adults.

CUSTOMERS HAVE BEEN REPORTING MANY FINE WINS from the summer and fall shows.  Just a few examples:   we sent Gray Calls to a customer who received them on a Friday, he took to them to a show the next day and won Champion Waterfowl.  Another customer won Reserve Bantam Waterfowl at the 2009 APA National in Illinois with a Black East Indie he raised out of a pair we sent him last fall. A Magpie out of our stock took Reserve Champion Waterfowl at the APA Semi-annual in Hamburg NY in May of this year. Our waterfowl have many generations of careful breeding behind them, which makes it possible for us to offer world-class show birds in addition to excellent foundation breeding stock to enrich your breeding program.

BECAUSE OUR MAIN MISSION has been the preservation of rare breeds, we have kept multiple strains of each breed we work with here at The Preservation Center.  Unfortunately, due to the drastic increases in the costs of feed, bedding and other supplies needed to maintain such a large number of waterfowl matings, we are needing to reduce our number of breeding birds.  This means we are offering some premium mature ducks and geese that in the past would have been kept for our breeding program.

TO INSURE THEIR HEALTH, our flocks are routinely blood tested and inspected by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Unless a customer requests otherwise, we worm all birds leaving The Preservation Center with Ivermectin so that you will know the last time they were wormed.  All the birds offered here been carefully graded according to their breedstandards and are priced accordingly.  See Adult Birds Price List page for details of price categories.

IF YOU FIND ANY BIRDS listed below that you want,  reserve them by emailing or calling us.

THANK YOU TO ALL who have purchased stock from the Preservation Center over the years and thus helped finance our mission to save some of the world's rarest varieties of domestic waterfowl from extinction.  We could not do this work without you!

Remember, availability is constantly changing, so email us regarding current availability.  When emailing, please indicate what breed(s) and/or varieties you are interested in, as well as the quality level(s). A partial list is below--if you don't see what you're interested in, email/call us regarding availability.


  • Oregon Mini Geese (photo on left): We have been developing and breeding these small, domestic geese for more than a decade.  They are heavily muscled, excellent foragers, fine natural parents and have been extra tame.  When in good condition (but not fat), typical weights are 6 to 8 pounds. We have them in a variety of colors including auto-sexing, gray, splashed, saddleback and belted and pure white.  (All things being equal, the smaller they are, the higher the price.)  Taking orders/deposits for Fall 2017.

  • Giant White Embdens (photo): Singles & pairs available.  Breeder quality @ $85/bird; and show quality @ $125 and $150/bird.

  • Dewlap Brown Africans: (photo): Taking orders/deposits for Fall 2017.

  • Dewlap Buff Africans (photo): Pair available: top show quality @ $600/pair

  • American Blues & Lavenders (photo): Taking orders/deposits for Fall 2017.

  • Shetlands (photo): Singles & pairs available:  Breeder quality @ $85/bird; and show quality @ $125, $175 & $250/bird.


  • Welsh Harlequin (photo): Taking orders/deposits for Fall 2018.

  • Golden Cascade (photo):  Cascades are excellent layers, produce gourmet quality meat and are naturally on the calm side.  They typically weigh 5-7 pounds, and in many situations will lay as well as high-producing strains of Khaki Campbells and Welsh Harlequins.  When Cascade drakes are mated to females of most other breeds, the resulting offspring are easily sex-able at hatching by their color and the resulting females are unsurpassed for high egg production. 
       Drakes, pairs & trios available.  Drakes @ $25, $34 & $50/drake; ducks at $34 & $50/duck.

  • Saxony (photo): Taking orders/deposits for Fall 2017.  

  • Silver Appleyard (photo):  Taking orders/deposits for Fall 2017.


Bantam Ducks

  • Call Ducks (photo):  Drakes and pairs available:  Spotted Calls (see photo left) at $60, $80 and $150/pair; Silver Appleyard Calls at $150/pair; Snowy Calls at $60, $80 & $125/pair.

  • Silkie Ducks (photo): Drakes and pairs available in beautiful, rare colors.  Click here for details.


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