Assorted Young Birds In One Of Our Grow-out Paddocks



Shipping Adult Birds


SHIPPING MATURE BIRDS SUCCESSFULLY throughout North America and abroad is a skill we have been perfecting over the past four decades.  When done properly, adult ducks and geese travel very well. 

SHIPPING SEASON: To protect them from over heating, we ship adults only during cool weather.  When we start shipping each fall depends on the weather, but our main shipping season typically starts in October and runs through February or until we are sold out.  Because ducks and geese have some of the best down coats on the planet, shipping in cold weather is not a discomfort to them. 

HOW SHIPPED: Adults are shipped throughout the U.S. mainland via USPS Express Mail and will be delivered to your post office. 

SHIPPING CONTAINERS: The special USPS approved adult bird shipping boxes we use come in three sizes.  The larger ones cost $26-$28 each and will safely accommodate 6 to 8 Bantam ducks, 3 to 4 larger ducks, 2 Shetland geese, or one larger goose.  The medium size boxes cost $16 each and will hold up to 4 bantam ducks.  The smallest box costs $10 and will hold a pair of bantams.

EXPRESS MAIL CHARGES: Express Mail charges are based on weight of shipment and your zone.  Express Mail charges per box typically are between $60 and $170, depending on the weight of the shipment as well as the distance from Oregon.  Call or e-mail us for shipping charges on specific orders.  (When requesting a shipping quote, please be sure to include your mailing address.)    

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