Australian Spotted 

We have sold all of our Australian Spotted breeders.  You can contact Duck Creek Farm who is continuing to breed this beautiful little duck.


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     According to John C. Kriner, Jr. in correspondence with Dave Holderread, he and Stanley Mason developed the diminutive and exquisite Australian Spotted in Pennsylvania during the 1920's.  Henry K. Miller started his own strain in the 1940's.  Mature weights typically are 30-36 ounces.  This exceptionally hardy and beautiful little duck is easily tamed and the females are good natural mothers.  Australian Spotted ducklings (along with Mini Silver Appleyard ducklings) are the hardiest of the bantam duck breeds.



6-Month-Old Greenhead Australian Spotted Drake in Nuptial Plumage



6-Month-Old Greenhead Australian Spotted Duck



8-Month-Old Bluehead Australian Spotted Drake on a Frosty Morning



6-Month-Old Bluehead Australian Spotted Duck Swimming During a Golden Sunset



      2-Year-Old Silverhead Australian Spotted Drake



Day-Old Australian Spotted Ducklings (Blueheads on Left; Greenheads on Right)


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