Mini Silver Appleyard

We have discontinued breeding Mini Silver Appleyards.  Duck Creek Farm is continuing to work with this lovely breed; contact them regarding availabilty. 


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     Englishman Reginald Appleyard developed this hardy and colorful bantam duck in the 1940's.  At maturity, they typically weigh 30 to 36 ounces.  The females are exceptional natural mothers, and make excellent surrogate broodies for hatching the eggs of Call ducks and other difficult-to-hatch breeds.   Mini Silver Appleyard ducklings (along with Australian Spotted ducklings) are the hardiest of the bantam duck breeds. 



6-Month-Old Mini Silver Appleyards



A  2-Year-Old Pair  of Mini Silver Appleyards

(The females tend to get more color with age.)



Mini Silver Appleyard Drake on a Frosty Morning



Mini Silver Appleyard Pair Flanking a Large Silver Appleyard Duck Showing the Comparative Sizes


A Group of 12-Hour-Old Mini Silver Appleyards in a Box Ready for Shipping to Their New Home


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