Indian Runner

After many years of breeding outstanding Runners in many varieties, we have down-sized and have discontinued breeding Runners. 


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     Originally from Southeast Asia, the graceful and comical Indian Runner is an old-time favorite. The Runner is one of the most useful and entertaining members of the duck clan.  Excellent layers and outstanding foragers, they are a great help in controlling mosquito larvae, slugs, snails and many other garden pests.  We have been breeding Runners since the early 1960's and have them in many color varieties.  Our Runners are exceptionally tall, upright and slender, and win top awards at shows throughout North America.



Two-Year-Old Chocolate Runner Drake



6-Month-Old Gray Runner Duck



Two-Year-Old Penciled Runner Drake



1-Year-Old White Runner Drake



3-Year-Old Fawn & White Runner Drake



6-Day-Old Rare Colored Runners

(Starting from left--Black, Buff, Khaki, Blue Trout, Dusky)



12-Day-Old Emery Penciled Runner Ducklings


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